Insurance Terms, Provisions and Clauses: What Does It All Mean?

July 22, 2010

A very frequent research request we Reference Attorneys get from Attorneys and Summer Associate attorneys-to-be is cases defining or interpreting insurance policy provisions.  Just in time for Summer Associate season 2010, we have added a new database, Miller’s Standard Insurance Policies Annotated – Policies (MILLERS-POL).  It works like this: First you do a search for the clause, provision etc. either through a category-driven template with pulldowns, a terms/connectors search or a natural language search.   As you can see here, I chose “Homeowners” and put in the additional term “pool.”

When you run you search, you’re then brought to sample policies.  If you find a clause resembling yours, you click on the hyperlinked “section identifier.”

You’ll then be brought to available case law annotations from all jurisdictions in the United States interpreting or ruling on the specific section of an insurance policy.



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