Immigrant visa processing delays? Get the scoop on Westlaw

October 19, 2010

Q&AThis question recently came to us from an immigration attorney.

Q: My client says he applied for his brother’s immigrant visa almost three years ago. Can Westlaw help me find out how much longer he has to wait before his application is processed?

A: The U.S. Department of State determines visa eligibility and issues a monthly visa bulletin reporting the dates of applications in particular visa categories that are currently being processed.

  • To retrieve the latest monthly bulletin, access the Interpreter Releases Daily database (INTERREL-DAILY) and restrict your search to the title field by typing ti(“visa bulletin”).
  • For automatic retrieval of visa bulletins, create a WestClip entry using this database and query. To do this, run the query and then click “Add Search to WestClip” at the top of the search results page.

Submitted by Jay Shuck
Legal Writer, Customer and Product Documentation