How to Make Hay While the Sun is Shining – and Get it in Writing

May 25, 2010

Think all the big dollar business deals are confined to the high-rise towers of New York or the board rooms of Silicon Valley?  Meet Gold Missy.

 I’ve handled a few calls where associates have been asked to write service contracts, business leases or purchase agreements that all deal with  transactions of a more bucolic nature.  FormFinder is a phenomenal resource for the attorney working on a high-dollar agricultural transaction.  For example, a search in FormFinder for dairy /4 lease will bring up a four different dairy farm leases and another lease specific to the renting a dairy cow.  (I wonder how American contract law would have evolved and Rose the Second of Aberlone would have fared had Sherwood and Walker had access to Formfinder.)

A  search of orchard /4 lease brings up 9 different lease or lease addendums for use in negotiating a commercial lease of any kind of fruit orchard.  Forms can be found for using livestock or still-growing crops as loan security.   Agriculture specific forms exist for incorporating the family farm.   You can also find a form memorializing the lease of a tractor (which could be useful for your client when the starting price of the 8295RT tractor is $240,954.00).

So remember, when you get that call from the entrepreneur ready to move into the world of agricultural commodity production,  you know where the resources exist to begin the process of putting things into writing.