Westlaw Headnote of the Day – November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010

West's Key 113 Customs and Usages
West's Key 113k9 Application and Operation
West's Key 113k15 Explanation of Contract
West's Key 113k15(2) k. Construction of Particular Words and Phrases.

In an action on a contract for the delivery of “yearlings,” it is admissible to show by persons engaged in the cattle business that when a contract is made between cattle men, in that section of country, for the delivery of “yearlings,” that they are expected to deliver cattle born at any time from January 1st to June 1st of the year previous.
Parks v. O’Connor, 8 S.W. 104 (Tex. 1888)

113 Customs and Usages