West Headnote of the Day – February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010

West's Key 99 Copyrights and Intellectual Property
West's Key 99I Copyrights
West's Key 99I(J) Infringement
West's Key 99I(J)1 What Constitutes Infringement
West's Key 99k64 k. Pictorial, Graphic, and Sculptural Works.

Similarities of copyrighted and allegedly infringing photographs involved nonprotected features, precluding copyright liability; both showed businessman standing on ledge of tall building, wearing pinstripe suits and wingtip shoes, with camera pointed down at street to communicate businessman’s perspective, all of which were embodiments of unprotectable idea of businessman contemplating suicide.
Kaplan v. Stock Mkt. Photo Agency, Inc., 133 F. Supp. 2d 317 (S.D.N.Y. 2001)

99 Copyrights and Intellectual Property