West Headnote of the Day – April 30, 2010

April 30, 2010

West's Key 227 Judges
West's Key 227I Appointment, Qualification, and Tenure
West's Key 227k11 Removal or Discipline
West's Key 227k11(2) k. Standards, Canons, or Codes of Conduct, in General.

227 JudgesNo one is compelled to serve as a judge, but once an individual offers himself or herself for service, that individual accepts the calling with full knowledge of certain limitations upon speech and actions in order to serve the greater good; a calling to public service is not without sacrifice, including the acceptance of limitations on constitutionally granted privileges.
Mississippi Comm’n on Judicial Performance v. Osborne, 2009 WL 1691557 (Miss. June 18, 2009)