Weekly wrap up from the Legal Current blog

December 21, 2012

Thomson ReutersLegal Current is the Corporate Communication blog of the legal businesses of Thomson Reuters.  Take a look at their top stories from the last week, click through to read the full posts:

West LegalEdcenter Holds Corporate Whistleblower Forum: Fraud in companies is reportedly more likely to be discovered by insider tips than any other detection method, and with various whistleblower programs including the new SEC Whistleblower Program, whistleblowers from various walks of life and businesses are more comfortable coming forward and reporting wide variations of violations to regulators and law enforcement.

Recently, West LegalEdcenter, a Thomson Reuters business, held the 2012 Corporate Whistleblower Forum, the first international conference dedicated exclusively to helping responsible corporations with topics focused on preventing and deterring misconduct, detecting wrongdoing, and best practices to respond to possible violations.

Thomson Reuters Announces 2012 Top 100 Global Innovators: Thomson Reuters has announced the 2012 Top 100 Global Innovators list, honoring 100 corporations and institutions around the world that are at the heart of innovation as measured by a series of proprietary patent-related metrics. The full report is available at http://www.top100innovators.com.

Informal Mentoring Relationships Lead to a Greater Value for Young Lawyers and Law Students: Mentoring between seasoned lawyers and those new to the profession has always played a prominent role in the legal profession and the professional development of young lawyers. Dating back to the early days when individuals became lawyers through apprenticeships, lawyers sought the advice and guidance of other practitioners to better understand the practice of law and their role in the profession. This may include competencies in client service and development, law practice management, specific substantive areas of law, legal skills and business skills.

The Art of Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises In Proper Due Diligence: Conducting proper due diligence in today’s business environment is critical to avoiding potential disaster. Even a single bad deal or business relationship can lead to losses; expose the business to legal and regulatory action, including lawsuits; and distract management from more important matters. And rising regulatory requirements are increasing the responsibilities facing businesses as well as the consequences for mistakes.

Stop Doing the Legal Limbo: Last week I added Charlotte to the list of conferences I’ve attended where a panel of in-house counsel talks about how they hire outside counsel. They discuss the processes and methods they use, and the law firm limbo they often witness when multiple firms attempt to win their business.