Unseen knockers

October 18, 2011

  • 349 Searches and Seizures
  • 349V Waiver and Consent
  • 349k173 Persons Giving Consent
  • 349k176 k. Hotels and Motels.

349 Searches and SeizuresWhere undercover police officer in “hippie” dress conducting investigation concerning offenses at motel involving young girls and men associated with a rock group knocked on door of motel room of defendant, a member of group, and where defendant opened door in voluntary response to unseen person’s knock, defendant had not been induced to open door by police stratagem and observation by police officer outside room of hand-rolled cigarettes, subsequently found to contain marijuana, within defendant’s open room was with defendant’s consent and was not an “invasion of privacy.”
State v. Buchwald, 196 N.W.2d 445 (Minn. 1972)
Suggested by Chris Nippoldt, Law Clerk; Hennepin County Attorney’s Office; Minneapolis, MN