“Unholy Alliance”

November 4, 2011

  • 91 Conspiracy
  • 91II Criminal Responsibility
  • 91II(B) Prosecution
  • 91k44 Evidence
  • 91k47 Weight and Sufficiency
  • 91k47(2) k. Circumstantial Evidence.

91 ConspiracyExistence of a conspiracy can seldom, if ever, be shown by direct and positive evidence; consequently, resort must be had to circumstances from which existence of conspiracy is logically deducible; therefore, conspiracy cannot, as a general rule, be shown by one witness or one circumstance, but by many which, when connected up and woven into a chain, connect parties in their unholy alliance.
Burkhalter v. State, 655 S.W.2d 215 (Tex. App. 1982)