Summary Judgment Misnomer

February 1, 2012

  • 170A Federal Civil Procedure
  • 170AXVII Judgment
  • 170AXVII(C) Summary Judgment
  • 170AXVII(C)1 In General
  • 170Ak2461 k. In General.

170A Federal Civil ProcedureTerm “summary judgment” is something of a misnomer; it suggests judicial process that is simple, abbreviated, and inexpensive, while in reality, process is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.
Fesler v. Whelen Eng’g Co., Inc., 794 F. Supp. 2d 994 (S.D. Iowa 2011)
Suggested by David F. Herr, Partner and Thomson Reuters Author; Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand, LLP; Minneapolis, MN