Stagecoach baggage rules

September 15, 2011

  • 70 Carriers
  • 70IV Carriage of Passengers
  • 70IV(G) Passengers’ Effects; Baggage
  • 70k405 Limitation of Liability
  • 70k405(2) k. Mode and Form of Limitation; Tariffs and Air Carrier Conventions.

70 CarriersStagecoach proprietors are answerable as common carriers for the baggage of passengers, and cannot restrict their liability by a general notice that “the baggage of passengers is at the risk of the owners.”
Jones v. Voorhees, 1840 WL 29 (Ohio Dec. 99, 1840)
Suggested by Kirk Aurandt, Attorney; Daigle, Fisse & Kessenich ; Madisonville, LA