“Reasonable suspicion”

June 26, 2012

  • 35 Arrest
  • 35II On Criminal Charges
  • 35k60.2 Investigatory Stop or Stop and Frisk
  • 35k60.2(6) Grounds for Stop or Investigation
  • 35k60.2(10) k. Reasonableness; Reason or Founded Suspicion, etc.

35 ArrestInnocent activity can give rise to reasonable suspicion to stop and frisk, but, in that circumstance, some indicia of criminal conduct, such as furtive mannerisms, must still lead law enforcement officer to reasonable suspicion of particular criminal activity.
State v. Jones, 835 P.2d 863 (N.M. Ct. App. 1992)
Suggested by John C. Tate, Law Instructor: New Mexico Rangers; Carrizozo, NM