Just because husband told a third party that $1,000 given to wife was Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t make it so

February 11, 2016

  • 205 Husband and Wife
  • 205III Conveyances, Contracts, and Other Transactions Between Husband and Wife
  • 205k49 Gifts
  • 205k49.2 Gift by Husband to or for Wife
  • 205k49.2(10) Evidence of gift

02-11-16.jpgIn determining whether balance of moneys turned over by husband to wife was held by wife in trust or whether moneys were a gift to wife, husband’s statement to a third person that he had given wife $1,000 as a Valentine’s day gift did not require conclusion that such a gift was in fact made.

Levy v. Levy, 35 N.E.2d 659 (Mass., 1941)