Hot dog!

October 17, 2011

  • 45 Attorney and Client
  • 45I The Office of Attorney
  • 45I(A) Admission to Practice
  • 45k4 k. Capacity and Qualifications.

45 Attorney and ClientState bar applicant’s long history of personally attacking those with whom he had disputes, including law school faculty and administrators and fellow law students, by means of letter-writing campaigns and media barrages, his display of obscene material in his law school study carrel in order to force law school to address First Amendment issue, his failure to comply with law school procedure in arranging internship, and his production and sale of T-shirt depicting law school dean nude astride hot dog constituted sufficient cause to deny applicant’s request to take bar examination on grounds that he lacked moral character and was unfit to practice law.
In re Converse, 602 N.W.2d 500 (Neb. 1999)
Suggested by Robert Von Dohlen, Law Student: St. Mary’s University School of Law; San Antonio, TX