“Golfers do not always hit their golf balls straight”

July 5, 2012

  • 279 Nuisance
  • 279I Private Nuisances
  • 279I(C) Abatement and Injunction
  • 279k25 Defenses
  • 279k25(1) k. In General.

279 NuisanceLandowners who knowingly agreed with developer to the placement of a golf course fairway adjacent to their property were charged with common knowledge that golfers do not always hit their golf balls straight, for purposes of golf course owner’s and manager’s equitable estoppel defense to claims for intentional trespass and intentional private nuisance based on errant golf balls hit onto their landowners’ property from golf course.
Geddes v. Mill Creek Country Club, Inc., 751 N.E.2d 1150 (Ill. 2001)
Suggested by Anthony Phelps, Associate; Reno & Zahm LLP; Rockford, IL