Dental Collateral

December 13, 2011

  • 37 Assault and Battery
  • 37I Civil Liability
  • 37I(B) Actions
  • 37k36 Damages
  • 37k40 k. Amount Awarded.

37 Assault and BatteryAward of $1,000 as compensatory damages, to plaintiff who was subjected to painful physical assault for a very few minutes at most and who testified that her arms and back hurt while she was held and that soreness of her mouth was aggravated when dental plate was forcibly extracted from her mouth by defendants to hold as security for loan which defendants had made to plaintiff for dental expenses, was excessive and $500 would be reasonable award.
Jones v. Fisher, 166 N.W.2d 175 (Wis. 1969)
Suggested by Charles R. Adams III, Adjunct Professor; Mercer Law School; Author; Georgia Law of Torts; Fort Valley, GA