“Cognizable legal citations”

July 9, 2012

  • 307A Pretrial Procedure
  • 307AII Depositions and Discovery
  • 307AII(A) Discovery in General
  • 307Ak35 k. Work-Product Privilege.

307A Pretrial ProcedureAttorney’s refusal to provide opposing counsel with cognizable legal citations to administrative agency decisions cited in appellate brief, on ground that providing that information would amount to unethical divulsion of attorney work product, was erroneous; attorney work-product doctrine does not preclude attorneys from divulging cognizable citations to legal authority.
A-NLV-Cab Co. v. State, Taxicab Auth., 825 P.2d 585 (Nev. 1992)
Suggested by Bethany Rabe, Attorney; Greenberg Traurig; Las Vegas, NV