Arbitrating wrestlers

September 19, 2012

  • 25T Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • 25TII Arbitration
  • 25TII(F) Arbitration Proceedings
  • 25Tk256 Hearing
  • 25Tk262 k. Presence of Parties and Counsel.

25T Alternative Dispute ResolutionArbitration proceeding initiated by amateur wrestler, in which wrestler obtained award ordering rematch between wrestler and second wrestler, who had won original match, for nomination to United States Olympic Committee (USOC), was not flawed by fact that wrestler who won original match was not a party, since governing statute provided for arbitration between aggrieved athlete and national governing body, not arbitration among athletes.
Lindland v. U.S. Wrestling Ass’n, Inc., 227 F.3d 1000 (7th Cir. 2000)
Suggested by Ryan D. Byers, Attorney; Rammelkamp Bradney, P.C.; Jacksonville, IL