No turkey

February 19, 2013

  • 231H Labor and Employment
  • 231HXII Labor Relations
  • 231HXII(I) Labor Relations Boards and Proceeding
  • 231HXII(I)1 In General
  • 231Hk1692 Interim Relief
  • 231Hk1695 Particular Subjects of Relief
  • 231Hk1695(2) k. Activities of Employer in general.

231H Labor and EmploymentThere was reasonable cause to believe that unilateral actions taken by employer of altering form of payment of employees from cash to check, employer’s refusal to provide employees the contractual Thanksgiving turkey, and payment of accrued vacations constituted a refusal to bargain absent an impasse, for purposes of determining whether National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) was entitled to temporary injunctive relief pending resolution of unfair labor practice charges.
Rivera-Vega v. ConAgra, Inc. 876 F.Supp. 1350 (D.Puerto Rico 1995)
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