Fracking Filings

August 3, 2010

Fracking.  I didn’t think it was a real word either.

It’s real and it’s worth a lot of money.

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, “injects a mixture of water, sand and chemicals into rock formations at high pressure to force out oil and natural gas.”  That gas is where the money comes in.  Some studies have estimated that within the U.S. there are over 16,200 trillion cubic feet of gas.  16,200 trillion cubic feet of gas is more than 150 times the amount of natural gas the world uses in one full year.  Fracking helps to recover that gas.

Some people think fracking is great.

Some people are less sure.

The reason I mention it:  fracking litigation.

I have taken a few calls in the last few months dealing with the issue of researching fracking. 

You can access complaints and answers dealing with fracking by simply searching for the fracking or fracing in Filing-all.  The media uses fracking while the industry uses fracing (or even frac’ing).  Either way, you will find over 100 filings from around the country this issue.

According to its critics, fracking can lead to contaminated waters.  Those contaminated waters may be harmful if consumed by humans.  The more people drink potentially contaminated water, one can reason, the more lawsuits will be filed.

As those lawsuits continue to be filed, you can continue to find them in Filing-All.  Keep your eye out for an increase in litigation related to fracking.

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