Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure: An old standard gets new life

December 20, 2010

Where do lawyers and legal scholars turn for explanations of federal civil or criminal procedure?

For almost a century, they’ve turned to the time-honored Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure, cited as authority in hundreds of secondary sources and more than 400 federal and state cases since 1928. This resource is a guide to civil and criminal procedures and procedural concepts, including uncommon actions such as quo warranto and ne exeat.

Beginning this week, Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure is available on Westlaw in the Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure database (CYCFEDPROC). CYCFEDPROC contains the full text of Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure, Third Edition, and is current through November 2010. It contains bite-sized discussions of all federal procedural issues, including jurisdiction and venue, trial court procedure, grand juries, reviewable judgments, and a variety of specific actions. Sections include links to full-text sources and to the West Key Number Digest. CYCFEDPROC sections are also available as KeyCite citing references.

You can use the Table of Contents to browse the contents and retrieve sections by clicking section names.