Free Bankruptcy Webinar

March 22, 2011

Webinar - West eLearning CenterFree Bankruptcy Webinar dealing with home mortgages in Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy

Presented by Judge William H. Brown

Join us for an information-packed webinar by a distinguished bankruptcy judge offering you expert guidance on the following topics:

•  Claims litigation in consumer bankruptcies concerning home mortgages
•  Treatment of home mortgages in Chapter 13 plans—what plan provisions are permissible and what plan provisions violate section 1322(b)(2)
•  How mortgage creditors have been alleged to have violated the automatic stay, Chapter 7 plan provisions and discharge injunction
•  Foreclosure prevention in bankruptcy—what works and what doesn’t work

Choose the time that works for you:
•  March 30 at 12:00pm CST    

•  April 1 at 10:00am CST        register

Webinar Agenda:
•  30-minute presentation
•  10-minute product demo