Attorneys Agree Drafting Software Mitigates Risk

October 13, 2016


There are many risks associated with legal practice. No matter how diligent you are as an attorney, daily tasks compete for your attention.

Risk Avoidance

Document drafting tasks add up quickly, and there are times when attorneys struggle to keep up. Even the most well-organized attorneys encounter performance risk because they’re too busy. Although legal expertise cannot be replaced by technology, drafting software can mitigate the risk associated with the drafting process. There is peace of mind having the confidence that your document is error-free.

Reducing Errors

Does drafting software really mitigate risk? A recent survey by ALM reported that 80% of attorneys agreed that drafting software mitigates risk associated with drafting errors. Drafting software reduces the time it takes to complete document drafting tasks providing extra time to review and finalize documents. Attorneys work hard to maintain their reputation and having extra review time helps keep hard-earned credibility intact.

Drafting Technology

Using the right drafting technology like Thomson Reuters Drafting Assistant reduces the time it takes to complete document drafting and ensures accuracy for your document, ultimately leading to risk avoidance. For example, from your word processor, you can easily cite good-law using the authority of Westlaw.

Attorneys using Drafting Assistant agree that it helps them create accurate documents leading to risk avoidance.

  • 90% of attorneys using Drafting Assistant agree that Drafting Assistant results in fewer citation and copy errors.
  • 87% of attorneys using Drafting Assistant agreed that “using Drafting Assistant gives me confidence that my documents, tables of authorities, and citations are in the correct format.”

Integrated Technology

Having integrated technology can also help attorneys be more efficient and help mitigate risk. Drafting Assistant integrates with Westlaw, Practical Law, KeyCite and more to help attorneys draft documents in the most efficient way possible, so that they can save time and be more profitable.

Read the Drafting Assistant Litigation efficiency study to find out more about how Drafting Assistant technology provides attorneys confidence that their work is accurate.