Webcast: New WESTLAW NEXT Tools to Help Choose and Evaluate Outside Counsel

June 5, 2012

WestlawNextWant to learn how new WestlawNext tools can help you choose and evaluate Outside Counsel?

This webcast will cover how to:

  • Use Matter Benchmark Reports powered by Serengeti® Law to gain insight into the rates charged by law firms and timekeepers, expense allocation, and invoice approval
  • Generate reports of current market rates for outside counsel based on firm size, industry, geographic region, or company size
  • Save money by understanding prevailing rates when negotiating with law firms and auditing invoices
  • Assign work based on accurate cost/benefit analyses
  • Locate the billing and expense information needed to create accurate budgets, forecast revenues and review year-end results based on actual costs

To register for the 6/13/12 webcast at noon (CT) click here.

To register for the 6/15/12 webcast  at noon (CT) click here.