Top Ten Things to Consider About Mobile in the Legal Workforce

September 6, 2011

With over 5 billion mobile phones currently in use around the world, it is not a question of “if you should” be using mobile but rather “how you should” be using mobile.  According to a May 2011 survey taken by Nielsen, nearly 40 percent of mobile users in the United States have a smartphone and of those who recently purchased a phone in the last 3 months, 55% reported purchasing a smartphone.  Tablet computers such as the iPad are also gaining in popularity; in fact, the iPad now accounts for 1% of TOTAL worldwide Internet web traffic and 2.1% of the web traffic in the United States.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge in a big way, how do you decide where to begin?  There are many mobile operating systems to choose from including iOS from Apple, Android from Google, Java from RIM (Blackberry), and Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft.  This article looks at the top ten key issues to consider before you begin.

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