Protecting your company’s reputation with help from Westlaw Court Wire

April 23, 2012

Westlaw Court Wire

Having to legally cover a company’s back is a full-time job.

With all of the laws, regulations, and product and contract liability impacting any given company, it’s also not an easy job.

As if keeping track of all of a company’s legal liabilities isn’t hard enough, corporate counsel have to contend with the constant shift of the legal turf on which the company stands.

That’s where Westlaw Court Wire comes in. Early awareness of litigation affecting your company or industry maximizes your time to develop a coordinated response.

Westlaw Court Wire is the fastest way to learn about newly filed cases affecting your company, customers, competitors or suppliers. It provides you with early notification of cases matching your specific criteria based on party name, case type and jurisdiction. Westlaw Court Wire alerts are received as soon as the complaint is filed, often before it’s available through dockets. Court coverage now includes all U.S District Courts in addition to more than 100 key state courts, extending your reach.  

Efficiently monitoring newly-filed cases can help protect your company’s reputation, brand, and intellectual property. To request information on how Westlaw Court Wire can provide you with advanced knowledge to make informed decisions, click here or visit