Managing Outside Counsel – A Decade in Review

June 30, 2011

Ten years ago, Serengeti Law partnered with the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) to provide previously unavailable data about the evolving relationships between corporate legal departments and the law firms who represent them. Since then, more than 2,000 legal departments have participated and contributed to the annual Managing Outside Counsel Survey Report; Assessing Key Elements of the In-house Counsel/Outside Counsel Relationship.

This ten-year retrospect will highlight key data regarding the dynamic relationship between corporate legal departments and their outside counsel, including:

  • Changing engagement and retention terms;
  • Longevity of hourly rates and the rise of alternative fees; and
  • Adoption of legal project management techniques and technology.

The survey’s results are discussed in a webinar format narrated by Rob Thomas and Bernadette Bulacan. The webinar is free and on-demand.  

The webinar concludes with a discussion of future challenges and opportunities, including the adoption of legal process outsourcing, use of social media tools, and reliance on business intelligence and data within legal departments.

To listen to this webinar please click here.