An In-house Counsel’s Guide to e-Discovery

August 29, 2011

By Laura M. Kibbe, Litigation Consulting Services. Ms. Kibbe was named as one of four trailblazers of 2006 in electronic data discovery by Corporate Counsel and was the recipient of the Corporate Counsel Magazine’s 2007 Most Innovative In-House Counsel Award for her work in building Pfizer’s e-discovery program. She also serves as co-chair of the West Legal Works Electronic Discovery and Records Retention Conference as well as several other Electronic Discovery Boards.

There are numerous best practices treatises and articles that outline the case law requirements, the tools that can be utilized and the overall architecture of an e-discovery program. And good as all of these are, what seems to be missing is the practical application of all those great principles to a profit-making entity. This white paper provides practical guidance on how you might go about developing such a program INSIDE the company firewall and live to talk about it.

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