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Growing Concern for Cloud Based Software – Is Yours Certified?

Aug 7, 2015 By: Stephanie Fox

While they may appreciate the benefits of cloud practice management, many small firm attorneys are seriously concerned about the security of confidential information—and they should be.

Three Myths of Law Firm Branding

Jun 25, 2015 By: Christi Krautbauer

FindLaw recently conducted a study that revealed most law firms are ignoring the powerful asset of their brand. Unfortunately, most attorneys believe three myths about branding.

Starting Your Own Business Law Practice

Jun 17, 2015 By: Legal Solutions

This free New Law Firm How-To Guide will give you the knowledge and tools you need to get law firm up and running.

Get Paid to Become a Better Writer

Jun 11, 2015 By: Legal Solutions

As a lawyer, your ability to legally write reflects a great deal on you as well as your firm. Undoubtedly, writing in

Only use the technology that makes your life easier

Jun 10, 2015 By: Jeremy Byellin

With all of the technology options available to use in your law firm, you shouldn’t just use them to use them. Use them because it makes your life easier.

Earning CLE Credits Free With Know-How: 4 Webinar Options

Jun 2, 2015 By: Legal Solutions

Over the next three weeks we are offering four webinars which will cover a wide range of legal topics.

How to identify and reduce inefficiencies in your law practice

Apr 17, 2015 By: Jeremy Byellin

If you ever hope to correct inefficiencies in your law practice, you need to be able to point to exactly where your valuable time is lost.

Turning your firm into a virtual law office

Apr 16, 2015 By: Jeremy Byellin

A virtual office minimizes or outright disposes of the use of a physical office, opting instead for electronic storage of files and forms of communication.

Five Questions Before Implementing New Technology and Becoming a “Mobile Lawyer”

Jan 22, 2015 By: Jeremy Byellin

Are you a mobile lawyer? Here are five of the most important of these questions to ask before implementing new mobile law technology in your firm.

Increase Billable Hours with a Technology Touch

Oct 29, 2014 By: Jeremy Byellin

As an attorney, it’s important to decrease unnecessary time spent on non-billable hours so that you can spend more time on billable ones.

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