Building the best referral system for your law firm

Nov 6, 2015 By: Jeremy Byellin

Despite all of the technological advances in communication over the past several decades, most law practices rely on word-of-mouth references for their continued livelihood.

Is your business development suffering?

Nov 6, 2015 By: Allan Colman

For law firms struggling with growing new business, there is a learning curve marketing leaders (both attorneys and professionals) need to lead.

How to value a law firm

Sep 22, 2015 By: Allan Colman

This piece is not about the acquisition value of a law firm, but rather, it is about how you create value for clients, i.e. your identity capital.

Establishing and Maintaining a Corporate Records Management Program

Aug 26, 2015 By: Ed Dietel

Improving an existing Corporate Records Management Program or establishing a new one in a new organization are two radically different challenges.

Exit Strategy for Senior Partners – Small to Medium Size Firms

Aug 20, 2015 By: Allan Colman

A failure to properly deal with the transition of a senior partner’s retirement is a common million dollar blind spot for the typical law firm.

Growing Concern for Cloud Based Software – Is Yours Certified?

Aug 7, 2015 By: Stephanie Fox

While they may appreciate the benefits of cloud practice management, many small firm attorneys are seriously concerned about the security of confidential information—and they should be.

Revenue Growth and Firm Leadership – What’s Missing?

Aug 6, 2015 By: Allan Colman

What are needed to accelerate revenue growth in your firm are clarity, focus and execution. Take a hard look at what can be refined in order to identify those “critical improvement areas.”

How to Become Powerfully Social to Ignite a Noticeable Spark in Your Legal Practice

Jul 27, 2015 By: Jayne E. Juvan

It’s 2015, and the financial crisis started more than seven years ago, but negativity about the legal industry still abounds.  Haven’t articles

Perfect Compliment: Make Sure Your Marketing Works Together

May 28, 2015 By: Jared Correia

Everything you do in your law practice should complement something else you do.

After the Dot . . . What?

May 26, 2015 By: Daniel E. Harmon

In coming months and years, generic top-level domains (gTLDs) will number in the hundreds, possibly more than 1,000, creating opportunities for those who didn’t get the “.com” domain of their choice.

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