Tips and tricks on the most effective and efficient ways to use WestlawNext. Tip of the Week is a weekly post that provides a helpful research tip. A tip might recommend a particular research process, or explain how to use a particular feature. Tip of the Week also introduces new features and enhancements on WestlawNext so you’re always up to date on how WestlawNext can help you research better.

Video: How to use FormFinder

Aug 19, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

In this two-minute video, Westlaw Reference Attorney Andy O’Meara demonstrates how easy it is to find the form you need using FormFinder in Westlaw.

WestlawNext Update: A result page with numbers!

Aug 18, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

The next time you click a content category (e.g., Cases) in the left column of your WestlawNext search result, you may notice something new…

Westlaw tip: When in doubt, hyphen it out

Aug 18, 2010 By: West Reference Attorneys

Hyphenated words pick up all three versions. Thus, use of stop-gap as a term will instruct Westlaw to search for stop gap, stopgap and stop-gap.

University of Akron’s Westlaw / Lexis Nexis Guide

Aug 18, 2010 By: Mike Carlson

We’ve been reading a bit about the University of Akron School of Law Guides for WesltawNext and LexisNexis Online Research (pdf). Although Westlaw User Guides are free, I love the idea of librarians putting these together for all the reasons articulated in the guide.

WestlawNext Tip: How to jump from results list to important search terms

Aug 11, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

I searched WestlawNext for U.S. Supreme Court cases on First Amendment protections for campaign spending. Many of the opinions I retrieved were quite long, e.g., Buckley v. Valeo, which consumes 150 pages in the Supreme Court Reporter. Is there a fast way to jump to the important parts?

Westlaw tip: Keep the criminals out of your search

Aug 11, 2010 By: West Reference Attorneys

Too many criminal cases have your search all locked up? Try adding this string to the end of your Terms and Connectors search.

Westlaw tip: Search three areas of regulation from one screen

Aug 4, 2010 By: West Reference Attorneys

Access all regulations, adjudications, forms, agency publications and West editorial content for all state and federal jurisdictions that affect your client in one single place: Regulations Suite.

Yeah, I want another case just like that one!

Jul 29, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

Westlaw tip: Have you found a headnote that states the rule of law you want and you’d like to find more cases supporting that rule? Click on the “Most Cited Cases” link next to that headnote to run a search that will retrieve more cases.

Westlaw tip: Find a case by party name

Jul 23, 2010 By: West Reference Attorneys

Know everything about a case but its citation? Here’s a quick way to track it down: Click on the “Find & Print”

Westlaw tip: Add a temporary tab for a single session

Jul 15, 2010 By: West Reference Attorneys

Do you have a one-time research assignment and need to learn more about the topic? Westlaw has a tab that can help.