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Stop doing the legal limbo

Dec 12, 2012 By: Large Law

The “chase everything” limbo method has proven to be a downfall for attorneys. So how do you select where to invest your time and energy and which clients or prospects will optimize your return?

What the commission to study the reform of chapter 11 means to you

Dec 3, 2012 By: Large Law

In October 2012, a new 22-member “Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11” began hearings in the hopes of defining the current state of Chapter 11 and determining where to focus efforts to bring impactful changes to this law.

Competitive information vs. competitive intelligence: Effectively using what you find

Nov 26, 2012 By: Large Law

It’s not necessarily how you put competitive information together or how you deliver it, but it’s how you use the information that makes the difference.

Discovery: Hope may be the right strategy

Nov 12, 2012 By: Large Law

Because of the rapid rate of change in today’s discovery environment, experience alone will not solve the challenges presented by present day discovery.

The challenge of thriving in today’s economic climate

Nov 5, 2012 By: Large Law

Over the past five years, the legal industry has gone through substantial change and the economics of many law firms have evolved in kind. Is this the new normal?

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