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Debtor denied discharge of damages award from intoxicated assault (Bkrtcy.N.D.Ohio)

Mar 26, 2014 By: Michael Nordskog

(Editor’s Note: This post is an excerpt from an article appearing in Practitioner Insights on WestlawNext) A Chapter 7 debtor who was sued

Shareholders consider political spending and lobbying disclosure proposals

Mar 25, 2014 By: Pamela S. Park

(Editor’s Note: This post is an excerpt from an article appearing in Practitioner Insights on WestlawNext) Political spending and lobbying disclosures are again

Debtor told to turn over life insurance proceeds spent on father’s funeral

Mar 18, 2014 By: Lisa Uhlman

A debtor must turn over to her Chapter 7 trustee $7,200 in life insurance proceeds she spent on her father’s funeral, a Michigan bankruptcy judge has ruled.

Delayed Affordable Care Act implementation triggers updated 10-Ks

Mar 12, 2014 By: Cory Hester

Companies in a variety of industries are highlighting risk factors in recent 10-K filings resulting from the delayed implementation of certain portions of the Affordable Care Act.

Suit says foundation has immobilized sale of Calder sculpture (S.D.N.Y.)

Mar 7, 2014 By: Elizabeth T. Brown

(Editor’s Note: This post is an excerpt from an article appearing in Practitioner Insights on WestlawNext) A Swiss art dealer has filed a

Disney makes case for shareholder support at annual meeting

Mar 6, 2014 By: Pamela S. Park

In advance of its March 18 annual meeting, The Walt Disney Co. is attempting to persuade shareholders to vote “yes” on its say-on-pay proposal, and to vote against shareholders’ proposals on proxy access and change-in-control payments.

Facebook wins transfer of dozen allegedly faux ‘Facebook’ domains (WIPO)

Mar 3, 2014 By: Jason Seashore

The World Intellectual Property Organization recently awarded Facebook Inc. ownership of 12 domain names belonging to several registrants, deeming each of the domains confusingly similar to the “Facebook” trademark.

Acquisition of Versace minority stake continues luxury fashion trend

Mar 3, 2014 By: Michael Glasser

Gianni Versace SPA, the high-end Italian fashion company, announced plans to sell a 20 percent stake in the company to U.S. private equity firm Blackstone Group for a combination of cash and stock.

California men, lawyer bilked movie investors of $1.8 million, SEC says (C.D.Cal.)

Feb 25, 2014 By: Nick Gardner

A California lawyer took in $300,000 in “legal expenses” as part of a motion picture finance scheme that defrauded dozens of investors of $1.8 million, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit filed in Los Angeles federal court.

Companies update 10-K risk factors with conflict minerals disclosures

Feb 21, 2014 By: Cory Hester

When preparing a risk factor disclosure for an annual report on Form 10-K, issuers pay particular attention to new developments and regulations that may materially affect the company

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