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Carl Icahn discloses intent to expand social media use to Tumblr

Oct 13, 2014 By: Cory Hester

(Editor’s Note: This post is an excerpt from an article appearing in Practitioner Insights on WestlawNext) In light of the rapid growth of social

Treasury, IRS close loopholes to discourage corporate inversions

Sep 26, 2014 By: Cory Hester

The U.S. Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service recently issued a notice that takes targeted action to stop the controversial practice of corporate tax inversions.

SEC chair highlights importance of women in the boardroom

Sep 19, 2014 By: Pamela S. Park

SEC Chair Mary Jo White has also weighed in on the importance of including women on corporate boards.

BeyondTrust acquisition highlights importance of cybersecurity

Sep 4, 2014 By: Charles J. Glasser, Jr.

The acquisition of BeyondTrust by Veritas Capital highlights that companies offering effective protection from cyber-attacks are more vital than ever

Condé Nast latest company to divest print assets, focus on digital growth

Aug 22, 2014 By: Michael Glasser

Condé Nast announced on Aug. 19 that it would sell a group of its trade print publications to focus on digital and broadcasting assets

Burdens loom for American Apparel’s reconstituted board

Aug 19, 2014 By: Conor O’Brien

American Apparel Inc.’s newly-constituted board has several tasks ahead of it, including investigating allegations of misconduct by founder Dov Charney.

Postponed IPOs could signal slowdown in biopharma offerings

Aug 11, 2014 By: Cory Hester

Several biopharm companies in the industry have announced plans to withdraw, postpone or significantly lower the value of their IPOs

NetSuite acknowledges dominance of cloud systems in Venda acquisition

Jul 17, 2014 By: Michael Glasser

A recent acquisition between two cloud-based companies, Venda by NetSuite Inc., illustrates the dominant role cloud-based systems are playing in business.

OCAHO Assesses Half the Penalty Amount ICE Sought for I-9 Violations

Jul 15, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

In its most recent § 274A precedent decision, OCAHO reduced the penalties assessed for I-9 violations by half.

Oracle seeks another seat at Biolase after court victory

Jul 11, 2014 By: Conor O’Brien

Seeking to expand its influence over Biolase Inc., activist shareholder Oracle Partners LP has announced that it seeks to nominate Dr. Jonathon T. Lord to the company’s board