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Latest NALP Numbers: Don’t Cheer Too Loudly

Jul 2, 2014 By: Will Ashenmacher

Earlier this month, the National Association for Law Placement reported that, proportionately, more 2013 law graduates were working at Large Law firms

Changes in Washington Practice Report (#18) / Strict compliance versus substantial compliance in probates

Jul 2, 2014 By: Ferd H. Mitchell

The Washington probate statutes are detailed and specific. They determine how an attorney is to proceed with a probate, and how the court is to rule on issues that arise.


Jul 2, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

The wrath of a former girlfriend may be a formidable force, but it is not analogous to a hurricane-like natural disaster, and it does not constitute a …

Westlaw Topical Highlights: Intellectual Property, July 1, 2014

Jul 1, 2014 By: Gary Rodekuhr

Westlaw Topical Highlights for Intellectual Property provides summaries of significant federal court decisions and legislative and administrative activities affecting Intellectual Property law.

Statutory Interpretation, Lesson 3, Part 2: Advanced Search Techniques

Jul 1, 2014 By: David Hollins

If we cannot find material that explicitly mentions the words or phrases we are looking for, we may still be able to gain insight into the statute by looking at cases that explicitly mention the sub-section the terms or phrases occur in.

Drafting and using durable powers of attorney

Jul 1, 2014 By: Alan Gutterman

A durable power of attorney is quite handy in enabling a person to manage the principal’s estate in the event of the principal’s incapacity.

In Hobby Lobby ruling, Court finds corporations able to practice religion

Jul 1, 2014 By: Jeremy Byellin

In yesterday’s Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, the Supreme Court held 5-4 that corporations can practice religion, and thus are entitled to free exercise protections.


Jul 1, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

A self-represented defendant is unable to later claim he was denied effective assistance of counsel by his own representation.

The delicate balance between persistence and letting go/moving on when applying for a legal job

Jun 30, 2014 By: Adam Gropper

This post offers some guidance on the question of how do you know when to move on after rejection or even no response

Survey of Financial Restatements by Public Companies in 2013

Jun 30, 2014 By: Craig Eastland

The flowchart in this post gives a simplified overview of key decisions in the restatement process for SEC reporting companies.

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