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Zeus’ parental scoldings not protected under Copyright Act

Oct 9, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

Statements made by Zeus to Athena and Ares in copyrighted screenplays, where Zeus says, “Stop it … right now … the two of you. There has been more than enough argument between mortals and among us Gods,” were not protectable under Copyright Act,

Twitter sues the DOJ for a better Transparency Report

Oct 8, 2014 By: Mike Carlson

Yesterday, Twitter sued the Department of Justice to the right to release its transparency report

Washington Elder Law Practice Report (#22) / Improving dual-eligible care strategies

Oct 8, 2014 By: Ferd H. Mitchell

It is particularly difficult to provide appropriate health care and long-term care services to “dual eligibles” — individuals who are qualified for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Sitting on a couch is not exercise

Oct 8, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

Couch containing oscillating section could not perform in accordance with claims made in advertisements that it was effective for reducing weight

Manufacturer, Sales Representative Directed to Pay $67 Million for Implantation of Unnecessary Pacemaker

Oct 7, 2014 By: Jury Verdicts

Sowards v. Biotronik Inc.; Tague (N.M.Dist) Manufacturer, Sales Representative Directed to Pay $67 Million for Implantation of Unnecessary Pacemaker

Sticks and Stones

Oct 7, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

Student’s use of words to curtail bullying of another elementary school student was not synonymous with an invitation for bully to physically assault him

The Supreme Court just OK’ed, albeit circuitously, same-sex marriage nationwide

Oct 6, 2014 By: Jeremy Byellin

In its refusal to review lower court decisions on the (in)validity of state same-sex marriage bans, the Supreme Court has effectively given the thumbs up for more rulings going forward.

From Business Law Center: Survey Of REIT Transactions Over $1 Billion

Oct 6, 2014 By: Craig Eastland

In November 2011, Penn National Gaming, owner of the Hollywood and Argosy casino chains, announced plans to split itself into two public

Concerns About Tech Industry Bias Against Older Workers

Oct 6, 2014 By: Craig Blakeley and Jeff Matsuura

The technology industry has long had the reputation of being dominated by young workers. That reputation has now come under scrutiny from federal and state equal employment opportunity regulators

Perpetrators of fraud are not allowed to hide behind the skirts of the Bankruptcy Code

Oct 6, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

51 Bankruptcy 51X Discharge 51X(C) Debts and Liabilities Discharged 51X(C)1 In General 51k3341 In General Although dischargeability exceptions are to be construed

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