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Supreme Court: Fired? Your severance payments are taxable under FICA

Apr 3, 2014 By: Joe Fraracci

The Supreme Court ruled that severance payments made to employees terminated against their will are taxable wages under FICA.

Westlaw Topical Highlights: Securities, April 3, 2014

Apr 3, 2014 By: Gary Rodekuhr

Topical Highlights for Securities provides summaries of significant federal and state judicial decisions and legislative and administrative activities affecting Securities law.

2012 to 2013 A.L.R. United States Supreme Court Review

Apr 3, 2014 By: ALR

The United States Supreme Court, in its 2012 to 2013 term, addressed many diverse issues, ranging from abortion and birth control to woods and forests.

Coerced Consent

Apr 3, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

Evidence that petitioner consented to search of his home by officers and that he was forced at gunpoint to give officers key to his automobile which…

Washington Elder Law Practice Report (#15) / Dealing with client issues related to the Affordable Care Act

Apr 2, 2014 By: Ferd H. Mitchell

Elder law and health care law attorneys in Washington are exploring how to best work with clients on complex issues involving the Affordable Care Act.

‘Big Data’ And The Application Of Knowledge Management

Apr 2, 2014 By: Will Ashenmacher

‘Big Data’ presents opportunities and challenges for law firms. Thomson Reuters’s Kim Stein takes a look at how the legal industry has positioned itself.

Westlaw Journals weekly round-up

Apr 2, 2014 By: Melissa Sachs

Highlights from the past week’s litigation headlines over at the Westlaw Journals blog include a ruling in favor of Hershey Co.’s investors

Don’t Change for Change’s Sake: 7 Tips to Overcome Fear of Change

Apr 2, 2014 By: Kevin Murch

Maybe you need profitable opportunities; or to raise rates; or adopt a new legal technology. These tips help your firm make a smart change.

Legal Writing Series: Knowing what to ask for from a judge — and what not to

Apr 2, 2014 By: Jeremy Byellin

When making arguments to a judge, you have less leeway than you would in making arguments to your opposition. What should you be aware of?

Competitor to Pay $393M for Transcatheter Aortic Heart Valve Patent Infringement

Apr 2, 2014 By: Jury Verdicts

Edwards Lifesciences v. Medtronic CoreValve (D.Del.); D.G. v. Maryland Provo-I Med. Serv. (Md.Cir.Ct.) Competitor to Pay $393M for Transcatheter Aortic Heart Valve Patent Infringement

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