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Oct 26, 2012 By: Charlie Rose

So it’s time set up and conduct a witness interview.  How to go about it?  Call the witness and explain who you

Expanded medical coding rules to be implemented for diagnoses, treatment, and procedures: What does it mean for patients?

Oct 26, 2012 By: Ferd H. Mitchell and Ferd H. Mitchell

New regulations increase the rigidity and formalization of medical coding, which may lead to an increase in providers’ legal disputes with patients.

Online Reputation Management for Small Law Firms (Part 2)

Oct 26, 2012 By: Heather Zehring

The last post discussed what online reputation management is, and how to find out what’s happening online. Once you know, what are

Today in 2001: The USA PATRIOT Act is signed into law

Oct 26, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

On October 26, 2001, President George W. Bush signed the USA PATRIOT Act into law, enacting sweeping changes to a wide range of different federal laws.

“dangerous and unusual weapons”

Oct 26, 2012 By: Legal Solutions

The Second Amendment right to bear arms did not extend to the defendant’s possession of a homemade machine gun in his home, …

Law of the Undead, pt. 2

Oct 25, 2012 By: West Reference Attorneys

In our first installment, we looked at one of the possible legal implications under Texas law: in the event that you or a loved

Dixmoor Five

Oct 25, 2012 By: West Reference Attorneys

In 1991, five teens were tried and convicted of the rape and murder of fourteen-year-old Cateresa Matthews. After three of the five


Oct 25, 2012 By: Charles B. Craver

During every bargaining interaction, the parties work to create value to enable them to maximize the joint returns generated. Once they ascertain

FINRA Fines: Another consequence after employee misconduct in a regulated industry

Oct 25, 2012 By: Mary Grams

Those in the corporate legal department may stay awake at night worrying about the potential that employee actions could put the business

Hot Docs: 14-year-old girl died after drinking two Monster Energy Drinks, lawsuit claims

Oct 25, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

According to a lawsuit filed last week, a 14-year-old girl died of a heart attack after consuming two Monster Energy Drinks within 24 hours of each other.