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Westlaw Journals weekly round-up

Mar 27, 2013 By: Melissa Sachs

The new Westlaw Journals blog brings you litigation headlines in over 30 substantive areas of law. This week, “First Sale Doctrine,” “Chinese Drywall” and more.

Same-sex marriage is not new

Mar 27, 2013 By: Jason Steed

Contrary to what several justices claimed during yesterday’s oral argument, same-sex marriage is not new — it is centuries old

The Prop 8 case, after oral arguments

Mar 27, 2013 By: Jeremy Byellin

Yesterday’s oral arguments in Hollingsworth v. Perry contained some interesting details — some surprising, some not. Are we any closer to knowing how the Court will rule?

Trends From 2013 Annual Reporting Season

Mar 27, 2013 By: Gabrielle Stranieri

The 2013 annual reporting season is drawing to a close, and regardless of where your company is in the process of filing

How solo and small law firms can leverage technology to its fullest

Mar 27, 2013 By: Jeremy Byellin

To help small and solo practitioners best leverage technology to their favor, I’ve put together a list of five specific technologies that are extremely useful.

“Not so excessive” amounts

Mar 27, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Although, as a result of arrangement between defendants and undercover operatives, defendants expected to receive profit before taxes of approximately $10 million each, …

How You Package Your Technical Legal Skills Matters

Mar 26, 2013 By: Diane Costigan

Our last blog post highlighted that of the four components that make up a lawyer’s brand (technical skills, client service, dynamic approach

False Asbestos Injury Claims Lead to $429.2K Verdict in West Virginia Federal Court

Mar 26, 2013 By: Jury Verdicts

CSX Transp. v. Gilkinson (N.D. W.Va.) Radiologist, Attorneys Owe Railroad $429K for RICO Violations Based on False Asbestos Injury Claims 2012 WL

Unforgivable Blackness: Jack Johnson and the Mann Act

Mar 26, 2013 By: West Reference Attorneys

On March 5, 2013 lawmakers reintroduced a resolution (2013 CONG US SCON 5) seeking a posthumous pardon from President Obama on behalf

“The biggest party in Texas”

Mar 26, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Decision of National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that representation election was not tainted by union’s promise of “the biggest party in Texas” if it won the election …