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Republican senator files suit over Obamacare — to enforce it against President Obama

Jan 9, 2014 By: Jeremy Byellin

Yet another lawsuit has been filed by a conservative over the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as “Obamacare.” However, instead of

Duty toward Dozers

Jan 9, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

When confronted with a situation involving a juror who appears to have fallen asleep during trial, counsel has a duty to bring the matter to the…

Westlaw Journals weekly round-up

Jan 8, 2014 By: Melissa Sachs

Happy New Year! The Westlaw Journals blog brings you litigation headlines in over 30 substantive areas of law. Some highlights from the

Westlaw Topical Highlights: Labor and Employment, January 8, 2014

Jan 8, 2014 By: Gary Rodekuhr

Topical Highlights for Labor and Employment provides summaries of significant federal and state judicial decisions and legislative and administrative activities affecting labor and employment law.

Changes in Washington Practice Report (#9) / 2014 trends in Washington elder law

Jan 8, 2014 By: Ferd H. Mitchell

This is installment #8 in a continuing series of Changes in Washington Practice Reports. Moving into 2014, there are several major trends

Business Development: What it means and why it matters

Jan 8, 2014 By: Will Ashenmacher

Having your own definition of business development is vital because the future of your law firm may depend on it. Sweeping changes have come to the legal industry and law firms that are not prepared to meet them risk falling behind.

Chicago’s firearm sale ban is struck down in latest ruling expanding the Second Amendment

Jan 8, 2014 By: Jeremy Byellin

In Illinois Ass’n of Firearms Retailers v. City of Chicago, issued this past Monday, a federal district judge followed Seventh Circuit precedent in expanding the rights stemming from the Second Amendment.

Lessons from Target’s Security Breach

Jan 8, 2014 By: Craig Blakeley and Jeff Matsuura

During the recent holidays, the retailer Target suffered a major information security breach resulting in unauthorized access to personal financial information associated

A Roe by any Other Name

Jan 8, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

When Jane Doe marries Richard Roe, wife may, but need not, assume name Jane Roe and at same time Mrs. Richard Roe; wife is also free to retain name…

How to Evaluate a Digital Forensic Report – Part 1

Jan 7, 2014 By: Daniel Garrie

With the widespread permeation of advanced technology into our daily lives, it is inevitable that the products of those technologies, i.e., digital information, will make their way into the courtroom.