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“The biggest party in Texas”

Mar 26, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Decision of National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that representation election was not tainted by union’s promise of “the biggest party in Texas” if it won the election …

Focus on Mid-Size Firms

Mar 25, 2013 By: Natasha Jaroscak

As the economy is beginning to recover, midsize firms are enjoying a time of growth. Since the recession, clients’ focus has heightened

Google Faces Coordinated European Privacy Law Enforcement

Mar 25, 2013 By: Craig Blakeley and Jeff Matsuura

Government privacy authorities in several European countries, led by France, are on the verge of launching a major enforcement action against Google’s information privacy policies and practices.

Challenging Proposition 8: Hollingsworth v. Perry

Mar 25, 2013 By: Max Milstein

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments in the case of Hollingsworth v. Perry.  This case, famously, challenges California’s Constitutional

WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Introducing Alerts on Westlaw Next

Mar 25, 2013 By: Jessica Nelson

Alerts are a great way to stay informed on everything you are interested in. You can be alerted when the KeyCite® status

“Theme cakes”

Mar 25, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Bakery which sold “theme” cakes, a substantial or significant percentage of which had sexual designs or messages, could be an “adult bookstore” …

Today in 1972: Congress passes the Equal Rights Amendment

Mar 22, 2013 By: Jeremy Byellin

On March 22, 1972, Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment, sending it to the states for ratification. The amendment would have banned sex discrimination, but only 35 states ratified it.


Mar 22, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Guest of restaurant at Chinese New Year celebration claiming ear injury as a result of fireworks explosion in front of restaurant was not entitled to …

Independent Thinking: 6 Things To Do The Morning Before You Go To Court

Mar 21, 2013 By: Katherine James

You may be nervous. You may be pumped. You may be shaking like a leaf. You may be punching the air with

Whale slavery

Mar 21, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Thirteenth Amendment prohibition on slavery and involuntary servitude applied only to human beings or persons, rather than non-persons, and thus orca whales, …