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SCOTUS rules federal sentencing guidelines change after commission of crime to be Ex Post Facto violation

Jun 12, 2013 By: Jeremy Byellin

The Supreme Court held in Peugh v. U.S. this week that changes in non-mandatory sentencing guidelines after the commission of a crime was a violation of the Post Ex Facto clause.

Garage sale cop

Jun 12, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

City presented legitimate, nondiscriminatory reasons for decision not to retain or hire police officer into another position during pendency of or upon completion …

Court Orders Mortgage Securitizer to Pay Mortgage Insurer $90.1 Million – Part II

Jun 11, 2013 By: John K. DiMugno

This post will examine the key evidentiary rulings supporting Judge Rakoff’s verdict against a securitizer of subprime mortgage bonds following a 12-day bench trial.

What’s the Difference Between a Vision, Goal & Task

Jun 11, 2013 By: Diane Costigan

We wrote recently about long-term, midrange and short-term career plans.  Now we’re breaking it down even further. Each type of career plan

$11.5M Verdict for Head Injury During High School Football Practice

Jun 11, 2013 By: Jury Verdicts

Ridolfi v. Begano (Colo.Dist.) $11.5M Verdict for Head Injury During High School Football Practice Verdict Summary Second Amended Complaint Note: The links above

Obstructed View

Jun 11, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Obstruction of landowner’s view by naturally growing tree on abutting landowners’ property was not a nuisance, as it involved no conduct of abutting landowners …

Oklahoma high court strikes down tort reform law as unconstitutional

Jun 10, 2013 By: Jeremy Byellin

On June 4, the Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down the Comprehensive Lawsuit Reform Act of 2009 as invalid under the state’s constitution.

Westlaw Topical Highlights: Bankruptcy, June 5, 2013

Jun 10, 2013 By: Casey Hall

Westlaw Topical Highlights for Bankruptcy provides summaries of significant federal and state judicial decisions and legislative and administrative activities affecting Bankruptcy law. A Westlaw subscription is required to access the documents linked from this page.

What is the real advantage of eBooks?

Jun 10, 2013 By: Lise Freking

In today’s world, technology has provided instant access to information.  Smart phones and tablets allow users to locate anything, anywhere, at anytime.

WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Graphical Statutes – An Interactive Timeline For Statutes

Jun 10, 2013 By: Jessica Nelson

As a statute changes over time it can quickly become difficult to track which bills, session laws, committee reports, journals, amendments, and