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How to Become Powerfully Social to Ignite a Noticeable Spark in Your Legal Practice

Jul 27, 2015 By: Jayne E. Juvan

It’s 2015, and the financial crisis started more than seven years ago, but negativity about the legal industry still abounds.  Haven’t articles

The Fraught World of Social Media and Employee Privacy

Jul 27, 2015 By: Matthew Bodie

Social media is making the separation between the personal and the professional even more difficult.

United Nations Appoints Its First Privacy Advocate

Jul 27, 2015 By: Craig Blakeley

The UN Human Rights Council recently appointed its first dedicated privacy advocate, sending an important message about the importance of privacy rights.

Ducks are “wild birds”

Jul 27, 2015 By: Legal Solutions

Ducks are “wild birds”

Today in 1974: SCOTUS orders Nixon to release all subpoenaed tapes

Jul 24, 2015 By: Jeremy Byellin

On July 24, 1974, the Supreme Court ordered Nixon to comply with the subpoena that ordered the production of all tapes relating to the Watergate burglary.

You can’t accidentally attempt to escape from prison

Jul 24, 2015 By: Legal Solutions

You can’t accidentally attempt to escape from prison

Westlaw Journals weekly round-up

Jul 23, 2015 By: Melissa Sachs

This week’s highlights from the Westlaw Journal blog include stories about Borders gift card holders petition to the U.S. Supreme Court and

Data Security and Attorney Ethics

Jul 23, 2015 By: Max Milstein

With data (in)security showing up more frequently in the headlines, with occasionally costly results, attorneys have to be concerned with their duty to protect client data from intrusion

It’s not a criminal attempt to escape where the arrest was unlawful

Jul 23, 2015 By: Legal Solutions

It’s not a criminal attempt to escape where the arrest was unlawful

Employers: Your independent contractors may actually be employees

Jul 22, 2015 By: Jeremy Byellin

Under a new Administrative Interpretation published by the Department of Labor, “independent contractors” may, in fact, be properly classified as “employees.”

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