West Headnote of the Day – September 3, 2009

Sep 3, 2009 By: Legal Solutions

13 Action 13II Nature and Form 13k17 k. What Law Governs. Before entangling itself in messy issues of conflict of laws, a

West Headnote of the Day – September 2, 2009

Sep 2, 2009 By: Legal Solutions

163 Exemptions 163I Nature and Extent 163I(C) Property and Rights Exempt 163k44 k. Vehicles and Teams. To entitle a poor debtor to

West Headnote of the Day – September 1, 2009

Sep 1, 2009 By: Legal Solutions

268 Municipal Corporations 268X Police Power and Regulations 268X(A) Delegation, Extent, and Exercise of Power 268k622 k. Prohibitory Ordinances. Ordinance prohibiting lewd

Headnote of the Day: Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Aug 4, 2009 By: Legal Solutions

Employer can fire employee for any reason as long as reason is non-discriminatory, under Title VII, even if termination is based on

Indian Legal System: An Insight

Apr 6, 2009 By: Legal Solutions

As Pangea3 has grown, our clients have from time-to-time inquired about the legal and education systems in India. The inquiries have predominantly

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