Westlaw Offers World-Class Customer Support

Dec 7, 2016 By: Eliot Wrenn

Whether you’re looking for the needle in the haystack and need a hand from an expert Reference Attorney, need training from our client management team, or want to streamline how you pay your Westlaw bill, we’ve got you covered!

How Gen Y and Gen Z Are Changing the Future of Legal Research and Technology

Oct 11, 2016 By: Eliot Wrenn

During a recent interview, I also got to pick Erik Lindberg’s brain about how younger generations are influencing advancements in legal technology and the future of the legal industry.

‘Must See’ Legal Technology to Deliver Better Answers Faster

Jul 25, 2016 By: Eliot Wrenn

I recently had the opportunity to interview Erik Lindberg, Senior Director for Westlaw Product Management to get the scoop on Westlaw directly from somebody on the inside.

Thank You For #30DaysofRefAttys

Jun 30, 2015 By: Eliot Wrenn

The #30DaysofRefAttys posts have highlighted many of the wonderful things about being a Reference Attorney.